June 17, 2009

My Satria Neo

After 2 years of planning, waiting, saving... finally, i changed my car's rims.....

had downgrade the rims size from 16" to 15", just want it to be more lighter.. and the most important is, it save my wallet for buying tyre ....

Using Falken 195/55/R15 tyre with a GAB sport spring. Lowered down made my car more easy to handle at cornering...

here comes the pics

March 28, 2009


1st of all... i don't meant to specify "RUNNER WHEELS" just a curious why people always want to grab rubber wheels like it can't be missing in your part of collection.... (Even me i can said).. was poisoned by all these rubber wheels for some times, even i pay more... but now... just fate....

This 2 Camaro is from a friend after we do exchange. And the Camaro concept become so famous thanks to Transformer.. bring the Camaro is a "MUST" in collection...

March 9, 2009


Model: Drag Truck
Wheels: White Line 5 Spoke
Description: From Australia, my 1st Dragtruck

Model: '56 Chevy
Wheels: 5 Spoke Wheels
Description: Chrome body, thanks Alvin help me get from Singapore

Model: '65 Mustang Convertible
Wheels: 5 Spoke Red LineWheels
Description: Red Chrome body, metal base

Model: VW Karmann Ghia
Wheels: 5 Spoke Red LineWheels
Description: Chrome body, metal base

Model: Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe
Wheels: 5 Spoke Red LineWheels
Description: Chrome body, metal base

March 6, 2009


Model: Dairy Delivery
Wheels: 5 Spoke Wheels
Description: Heavy metal mode with unique decal

Model: '70 Chevelle SS
Wheels: Basic White Wall Wheels
Description: 1 of the 40 cars to celebrate Hotwheels 40 Anniversary, contain 40 best selling Hotwheels car on this Series

Model: Purple Passion Woody
Wheels: Basic White Wall Wheels
Description: Detail wood texture beside the car, with a surf board behind


Sad to said that Malaysia don't have these series on sale. I bought it from Singapore and i only can afford some nice model and give up most on the rack. COME ON MATTEL, WHAT ARE U THINKING?!!!

Special body paint (Chrome color for Classic, Unique body decal for Since68), heavy metal base, it can let u faint for a while if i throw the car directly on ur head ^.^..

Here comes the full view picture (Green Drag Bus is an oversea bought)

March 5, 2009


2008 1st edition, 3 production colour, 3 different rims.
Beside Lancer EVO 7, this is the 2nd EVO model that produce by Hotwheels, high quality for a 1/64 Diecast below RM7 range.

Had took lots of shot for these 3 beauties, enjoy guys...

RED 1st



March 2, 2009


Featuring big rims, and modifier decal...
specially DC5 (Integra) EP3 (Civic) from Alpine...

Buy it becasue it is Japan Tuners and hummer, actual car not very nice cause it had been trim to big wheels, low roof top and short length... overall is not following scale...

RED Mitsubishi Eclipse had been steal my kids from my window..... just have a picture for memory

ALPINE Civic & Integra


FORD F-150


February 28, 2009

Hotwheels G-Machine

A lucky find at JB outlet store on 2002... ... bought most of the model from there, but still can't complete it.

As the store manager told me, they import this for market testing, in the end, price is a big concern(RM19.90/pcs) and they stop selling it.... sad!

All car is rubber tyre with featuring big rims, new interior (u can saw an amplifier or NOX inside).. scale were 1:50...

Is this Pontiac look like Triple X movie car... hehe